Thursday, April 25, 2013

Abusive swaddling at daycare leads to sisters' arrests

Abusive swaddling at daycare leads to sisters' arrests, a California daycare led to the arrests of two sisters, according to an April 24 San Francisco Chronicle report. The sisters worked at the Universal Preschool LCC on Florence Road in Livermore where they swaddled babies so tightly they could barely breathe.

The sisters, Nazila Sharaf, 35, of Dublin, and Lida Sharaf, 33, of Mountain House, were charged with abusive swaddling in Alameda County. The official charges were three counts of felony child neglect and abuse along with four misdemeanor counts of the same.

Police began the abusive swaddling investigation after a 19-year-old woman quit working at the daycare center over the restraining methods. She reported them to police. The babies who were swaddled so tightly were seven to 11 months old, and only babies up to six months should be swaddled unless their parents specifically request.

Police said,

"This was not a case of mere swaddling, but a case of abuse and neglect where the victims were being restrained."

Sometimes the sisters would cover the babies' airways, which is almost unbelievable given the danger of SIDS that babies under the age of one year already face. A few of the babies even suffered from respiratory issues.

The police description of the abusive swaddling is tough to read. The report said,

"Two of the daycare facility employees were binding at least seven of the children's upper torso and legs with blankets and other cloth type materials in order to restrict the child’s movement during naptimes. The suspects tightly wrapped the victims with blankets and other cloth material, which were secured with knots. The tightly wrapped cloth material restricted the victim's ability to breathe comfortably and move their extremities."

Thank goodness authorities found out about this before something happened! How could somebody restrain babies in this manner? It is unbelievable.

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