Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby Monkey Big Bang

Baby Monkey Big Bang, A zoo in Ohio said that a baby monkey was named after a character on “The Big Bang Theory.”

POWELL, Ohio—The Columbus Zoo’s recent additions include a monkey named after a quirky scientist character on the CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory...REPORTED

The colobus monkey named Dr. Sheldon Cooper was born March 3. A spokeswoman says zoo staff pick names based on themes, and they made the TV show the latest one because they’re fans.

She says keepers joke it’s too soon to tell whether the monkey will live up to his namesake’s brilliance.

It was the first of four recent births for the zoo’s African forest exhibits.

Two red river hogs were born April 12. The month began with the birth of a black duiker (DEYE’-kur), which is a four-legged, forest-dwelling animal. It is part of the antelope family and is found in parts of Africa.

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