Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby sold on Facebook by grandfather in India found in Delhi

Baby sold on Facebook by grandfather in India found in Delhi, A baby was sold twice via Facebook by the newborn's grandfather, according to Yahoo! News India on April 23.

Initially, the price put on the infant was 800,000 Indian rupees (which is approximately $14,740) but the person who allegedly bought the baby is a nurse who paid only a portion of the asking price at around $830. Initially, the seller was said to have multiple buyers during the beginning of negotiations.

Yahoo! chalks this "bizarre case" up to "the twin evils of child trafficking and social media abuse." What a sad state of current affairs for the baby born in Ludhiana hospital in a situation in which the man, a father, insisted to the mother that the baby didn't exist. He apparently told his daughter she had suffered a stillborn birth.

Meanwhile, the baby has been recovered and a handful of persons of interest have allegedly been taken into custody regarding this case. Reportedly among them is the newborn's grandfather, named as 47-year-old Feroz Khan.

That said, this case of a baby sold on Facebook by the baby's grandfather in Northern India is not as unusual a situation as it appears. In this part of the world where both prostitution and kidnapping are commonplace, pathetic abuse and excessive human trafficking also exists. Obviously, these categories include the hideous abuse of a mother who thought her baby was born dead but was actually born very much alive and then put on the market in a trafficking scheme by her own father who utilized social media in his sick quest.

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