Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston bomber tells FBI: Times Square was next target

Boston bomber tells FBI: Times Square was next target, On April 25 Huffington Post reports that FBI agents have told New York mayor Michael Bloomberg that had the Boston bomber brothers succeeded, they would have taken their pressure cooker bombs to Times Square next.

Dzhokar Tsarnaev told interrogators that he and his now deceased brother had rudimentary plans to take their bombs to New York next. Bloomberg says that he doesn't feel as if they could have stopped an attack if the terrorists had arrived from Boston, but luckily it wasn't a problem. Bloomberg also stated that New York has always been, and likely will remain, a target for anyone that hates America or Americans.

Tsarnaev told FBI agents that they had made the decision to go to New York Times Square after the MIT shooting that killed a campus security officer in a stolen Mercedes SUV. The victim of the stolen car who was locked in the trunk of the vehicle heard the bombers plans and escaped while at a gas station and called the police to inform them.

It's lucky that New York's Times Square wasn't hit as it likely would have been a devistating blow with everything else that they have endured.

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