Thursday, April 25, 2013

Edward Norton fight: 'Fight Club' star gets into it with paparazzi

Edward Norton fight: 'Fight Club' star gets into it with paparazzi, "Fight Club" actor Edward Norton sent an amateur paparazzo to the hospital after he invaded his space earlier this week in New York City.

The New York Post reports that the 43-year-old Hollywood star got fed up with a paparazzo who followed him with a camera in Midtown on Tuesday..reported

Norton was walking along 57th Street near Seventh Avenue around noon when a man named Alain Becerra-Calderon started following him while brandishing his cellphone camera, The Post reports.According to TMZ, Becerra-Calderon repeatedly asked Norton, "People say you look like me. Is that true?" as he tried to record actor's response.

The "Incredible Hulk" star was not amused and sharply replied, "Why are you stalking me?" before shoving the camera out of his face.

After the altercation, the man went to the hospital to complain about a sore finger.
The case has already been closed because there were no witnesses to the alleged incident, but could still be pursued in civil court.

Becerra-Calderon told the Post the exchange was "very, very scary" and said Norton "needs to learn to control his temper."

Norton and his fiancée Shauna Robertson recently welcomed their first child into the world last month, although the infamously private couple managed to hide the pregnancy from the public. Their son was born in March, however the pair didn't make the announcement until April.

Although the couple has not revealed any details, a source close to the actor and his fiancee told Us Weekly that Edward is "Thrilled and excited for parenthood."
A source added that "Ed is really excited for fatherhood. He helped pick out a stroller for the baby!"

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