Friday, April 26, 2013

‘Got 2 Grams For $40′ Prank

‘Got 2 Grams For $40′ Prank, Comedian Nathan Fielder of Comedy Central's Nathan For You has devised a way to get your parents angry and possibly cut you off.

He has posted an idea for a prank on Twitter, in which users send a vague text message to their parents, suggesting that they are using drugs...REPORTED

The prank involves writing “Got 2 Grams [0.07 ounces] for $40 [€30]” then acting as if the message has been sent by accident, asking them to ignore it.

Many have tweeted back screenshots of the responses they have received, and one such answer from a concerned parent is posted above.

Fast to Create mentioned that the prank was an instant hit, garnering a lot of retweets instantly. Since a lot of college students tried Fielder's experiment, a lot of their parents have asked them to return home at once.

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