Thursday, April 25, 2013

Isla Fisher graces the cover of Gotham magazine

Isla Fisher graces the cover of Gotham magazine, In an exclusive sneak preview, the lovely actress Isla Fisher graces the cover of the late spring issue of Gotham magazine. The star of the highly anticipated adaption of “The Great Gatsby” dishes with actress Kirsten Dunst about being a comedic actress, taking time off from her career to have kids and more in the May/June issue of Gotham magazine.

Isla discussed whether she will ever work with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen. She feels they collaborate enough behind closed doors and that is more important. Isla is a big fan of her husband and her favorite move will always be Bruno. Her favorite line is when he says, “So many stars in the sky. Makes you think of all the hot guys in the world.” She thinks it is a funny and random line.

Kirsten Dunst mistook Cohen as a waiter at the Oscars because he was wearing black tie and had shaved off his signature mustache. In fact, Kirsten sent him to get her champagne. Isla said Sasha thought Kirsten knew it was him and was making a joke. Sasha thought Kirsten had a great sense of humor.

“The Great Gatsby” was filmed in Australia, the country where Isla grew up. Isla admitted the caliber of the director and cast on the film made her feel out of her comfort zone. It was both thrilling and terrifying for the actress. She said, “I did feel like I was going to be called out and sent home at some point – you always feel very insecure, at least I do. But I got to eat Vegemite toast for breakfast and swim on Bondi Beach.” The original book was set in prosperous Long Island in 1922.

Isla talked about working with Baz Luhrmann. She said he was collaborative and creative. His wife did the costumes and the set was like a playground of rich outfits. There was color, laughter and music with a lot of improvisation. Isla revealed Baz is a perfectionist, which makes everyone relax because he has already thought of everything. She said, “Everybody cares on a Baz Luhrmann film set because everyone is so effing grateful to be there.”

Like many mothers, Isla took a break at the beginning of her career to have children. She took three years off and it was the most incredible, important thing to do. Isla felt, “When you come back in, the perspective has changed. I truly believe you can't have it all and you shouldn't want to.”

Isla also admitted becoming a wife and mother changed the way she works. Even when she does not take the kids, her mind and heart are busy with them. Isla said, “It would be very hard for me to play scenes where a mother lost a child—I wouldn’t want to play that scene in 'Jude,' where Kate Winslet finds her babies murdered. I’m just not ready to put my head into that kind of stuff while mine are so small. That’s why I’m drawn to lighter material.”

“The Great Gatsby” is set to be released in local theaters on May 10, 2013. The May/June issue of Gotham magazine will be on newsstands this weekend. For more information about Isla Fisher and her new film, pick up an issue or visit the Gotham magazine website.

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