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Katt Williams sentenced: Look what Katt was 'dragged in' for this time

Katt Williams sentenced: Look what Katt was 'dragged in' for this time, American comedian and rapper Katt Williams was sentenced to 90 days of community service after pleading no contest Thursday to misdemeanor reckless evasion of an officer in Sacramento, TMZ reported April 25.

The 41-year-old Williams, whose real name is Micah Sierra Williams, has had a lion’s share of legal mishaps lately. His current sentence comes as punishment for ramming around the sidewalks of downtown Sacramento last November in a Can Am three-wheeled motorcycle.

Capitol Protection Officers were called last fall when Katt was accused of disturbing the peace. Seeing the approaching officers, Wiliams skedaddled in his unlicensed motorcycle, almost hitting five pedestrians.

Police pursued Williams, who allegedly tore his helmet off mid-chase and screamed back to the tailing officers, “I’m not going to stop!” Running red lights and taking to the sidewalks, Police called the chase off out of concern for public safety.

After Williams failed to appear several times in court related to the reckless evasion, he dismissed his downtown chase as simply a "misunderstanding."

The list of Williams’ legal troubles grows a little each year. The father of eight’s catalog of lawful dilemmas trumps that of most B-list celebrities.

In 2006, Williams was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after a stolen gun was found in his briefcase. In November 2010, Katt was arrested and accused of stealing $3,500 worth of coins and jewelry.

In June 2011, Williams said three women approached him while he was “riding on his tractor” and attacked him with rocks and dirt clods, causing him facial injuries. Somehow Williams was arrested then too; he was booked for felony intimidation of a witness.

Not to be outdone, in November 2012 Williams was arrested in Oakland, Calif. on charges of beating an 18 year-old man with a bottle aboard Williams' tour bus.

Since then, Williams has blown off multiple performance dates, gotten into bar fights, flicked cigarettes into women's faces and been accused of endangering four of his children.

His live shows are quite lively as well. He was slapped in the face by a heckler in 2009, had an all-out, vulgarity-laced war of words with another heckler in 2011 and saw fit to jump off stage to confront a heckler in 2012

"I'm just going to go ahead and announce my retirement from stand-up," he said in a December 2012 interview. "I'm kind of done." His website currently lists no future tour dates.

We agree Katt Williams, we're done with you too.

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