Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lauren Spierer remains missing

Lauren Spierer remains missing, The search for Lauren Spierer continues after remains that were located in Brown County, Ind. were identified as Kate McGrayel. This information was shared by Fox News on April 25, 2013, bringing an end to the search for at least one of the many missing people in the region. Unfortunately, this is never a happy occurrence -- when human remains are located -- because it adds finality to missing cases where loved ones held hope for good news. The loved ones of Kate McGrayel expressed fear that the remains were going to belong to her just a few days ago, and now it looks like their worst nightmare has come true.

Many people believed the remains located in the remote wooded location belonged to Lauren Spierer -- who vanished two years ago. However, Kate McGrayel was also a possibility from the beginning, seeing as though she vanished a full year before Lauren did -- and it's eerie that her remains were uncovered so close to the anniversary of her disappearance.

Kate McGrayel was also a student at IU where she graduated before vanishing in 2010. She was last seen not far from Bloomington, and had reportedly planned on going camping in the area. In the beginning, people believed the missing woman vanished voluntarily, but now it's become apparent that something happened to her. Officials have not released a cause of death in this case, nor have they specified whether they believe Kate was murdered or if she died by other causes. Here's to hoping some answers come out soon.

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