Thursday, April 25, 2013

Will Jodi Arias be found guilty of murdering Travis Alexander

Will Jodi Arias be found guilty of murdering Travis Alexander, The Jodi Arias trial is nearly over, and some believe she displayed a demeanor of defeat while Dr. Kevin Horn of the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office gave his damning testimony. The Huffington Post reports that Jodi's "Day of Reckoning" is coming, and on April 25, 2013 the state rested its case against the accused murderess.

That's not the only update in this high profile case. It's being reported by ABC15 that Maricopa County has bled as much as $1,687,328.21 on the defense of this woman. That's taxpayer money, by the way. After all that money spent, and all the time spent watching the state and defense go at it, there is only one question left to ask: Is Jodi going to be found guilty or innocent?

Thursday was the 53rd day that the media (and public, respectively) have been collectively obsessed with this trial. Of course, it's been the better part of 2,000 days since Travis Alexander was brutally killed -- so justice is long overdue. One of the big questions surrounding Travis's cause of death was pretty much answered by Dr.

Kevin Horn today when he confirmed that Travis had to have been stabbed before he was ultimately shot in the head. This contrasts with Jodi's story of shooting him first and then stabbing him during a struggle.

Of the near-30 times that Travis was stabbed, Dr. Horn indicated that many were defensive wounds. Travis wouldn't have been able to defend himself in this manner had he been shot in the head first.

"He may have been able to take a step or two [but] probably would have collapsed or lost consciousness within seconds," said Dr. Horn.

Arias cried as photos of Travis's injuries were shown to the jury -- and unfortunately his family members were also there to see it.

For a brief moment the victim's family and the accused were united in tears -- but why was Jodi crying? Were they tears of remorse? Tears of disgust? Tears of sadness for the man she was supposed to have loved at one point?

Jodi Arias faces the death penalty, and deliberations are literally just around the corner. Closing arguments are scheduled to take place the day after the defense's final rebuttal witness.

This shouldn't take very long, so it's likely that closing arguments will be held in a week. In the meantime, Jodi gets to sit in her cell and think about what future may or may not hold for her.

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