Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woman swallows diamond: $5,000 stone swallowed by elderly Florida woman

Woman swallows diamond: $5,000 stone swallowed by elderly Florida woman, An 80-year-old woman had a very expensive meal recently, and she didn't even mean to. According to ABC Action News on April 24, 2013, the woman accidentally swallowed a $5,000 diamond while at a charity event being held at the Tampa Woman's Club. Luckily, she was able to get it back thanks to the help of a colonoscopy she had scheduled.

The club had poured 400 flutes of champagne and inside each flute was a cubic zirconia, but one contained the $5,000 diamond donated by Continental Wholesale Diamond. It appears as if Miriam (who refused to give her last name) didn't mean to swallow the diamond.

"We were laughing and I wasn't paying attention and I took a swallow," said Miriam, who declined to give her last name.

Once everyone had finished their drinks, the real diamond was nowhere to be found. People were looking all over the place, but it couldn't be discovered. That was until Miriam came forth and said she accidentally swallowed whatever was in her flute with her champagne.

Miriam went to a hospital for an X-ray, but it didn't show up. She did have a colonoscopy prepared for the next day, and she told the doctor to be on the lookout for the diamond. He ended up locating it, but it still needed to be checked out.

At that point, Miriam took it in for an inspection, but she delivered it in a strange way.

Joy Pierson, a partner at Continental Wholesale Diamond, said, ""She came with it in a bio-hazard bag and it wasn't even cleaned."

Once it was cleaned and inspected, it turned out to be the real diamond. Miriam has decided that the diamond now has great history behind it and will stay with her family.

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