Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woman wants money back from drug dealer, calls 911

Woman wants money back from drug dealer, calls 911, In a story reported today, April 24, by the Smoking Gun, Katrina Tisdale, 47, from the St. Petersburg area spent her last $50 on cocaine and marijuana and then realized she was going to be broke until her next Social Security disability check came. Apparently her drug dealer did not offer a money back guarantee, so Tisdale turned to the friendly men in blue for help in securing a refund.

On Monday night, Tisdale called 911 not once, but twice, and explained her predicament to officers at the St. Petersburg police department. She was optimistic that they would help her to get her money back.

However her hopes were not to be realized, for the officers, instead of securing her refund, arrested her on charges of abusing the police emergency system. She was taken to the Pinellas County jail where she is under a $100 bond.

According to county records, Tisdale has had multiple arrests in the past years including six for the possession of cocaine. In 2011 she was convicted of calling 911 to untruthfully claim she had been robbed by her drug dealer.

However, all is not lost. Unless Tisdale is able to get friends or family to bail her out, she will remain in jail until her trial. The good news is that her expenses will be greatly reduced, as she will receive electricity, meals and a place to sleep all courtesy of Pinellas County.

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