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    • The Federal Government's Foreign Fighters Bill has passed the Senate.
  1. Australia's most senior Islamic State member believed dead

    Mohammad Ali Baryalei, Australia's most senior Islamic State member, is believed to have been killed in fighting in the Middle East.
    The fugitive Australian terrorist has recruited dozens of Australians onto the battlefield in Syria and Iraq.
  2. Peris rejects claims of wrongdoing over alleged affair with Olympian

    Northern Territory Labor senator Nova Peris rejects any suggestion of wrongdoing over allegations she improperly sought public money for a personal affair.
  3. Rocket bound for space station fails in spectacular fireball

    An unmanned Antares rocket explodes seconds after lift-off from a launch pad in Virginia, marking the first accident since NASA turned to private operators to deliver cargo to the International Space Station.
  4. Visa ban 'will hamper fight against Ebola'

    Australia's decision to close its border to visitors from Ebola-affected countries will discourage health workers from joining the fight against the disease, African leaders say.
  5. SAS corporal who cut off Taliban fighters' hands may be charged

    Charges are being considered against a Special Air Service corporal over an incident in Afghanistan in 2013 that saw him remove the right hands of three dead Taliban fighters.
  6. Conman Foster faces charge of assaulting police

    Convicted conman Peter Foster will be charged with assaulting police and resisting arrest after being caught in northern New South Wales.
  7. 'Naked Rambler' loses human rights court challenge

    A British man who has spent seven years in jail for going naked in public loses his legal battle to wear no clothes, with Europe's human rights court telling him to respect the feelings of others.
  8. Bishop defends Foreign Fighters Bill powers

    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop defends a Government move to give defence and security agencies new powers to target Australians fighting overseas with terrorist groups.
  9. Chlamydia 'breakthrough' in fight to protect koalas

    Queensland researchers say they have made a breakthrough in the fight to protect the shrinking koala population against chlamydia.
  10. Abbott urges business leaders to help drive 'Team Australia'

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott urges Australia's most influential business leaders to drive a new wave of economic reform and help convince Labor and the states to join the patriotic front he calls "Team Australia".
  11. Woman's body found on Nobbys Beach near Newcastle

    A woman's partly-clothed body is found on Newcastle's Nobbys Beach by a member of the public.
  12. Streets packed for Canadian soldier's funeral

    Thousands of mourners in Canada line the streets of the city of Hamilton for the funeral of the soldier killed last week in the attack on the Canadian parliament and national war memorial.
  1. Death of 'big P politics'

    Since the Dismissal we have seen the victory of pettiness and soundbites over vision, writes Jonathan Green.
  2. Why 'It's Time' worked

    Two Labor strategists tell us why It's Time worked - and how it changed politics in Australia.
  3. Obituary: Gough Whitlam

    Gough Whitlam leaves a legacy of unprecedented and unmatched change in Australian politics.
  1. Big bang theory OK: Pope

    The big bang theory and the idea of evolution do not conflict with Catholic teaching, Pope Francis says.
  2. Kim Jong-un mystery 'solved'

    The North Korean leader had surgery to remove a cyst from his ankle, South Korean spies believe.
  3. Kurds take fight to Islamic State

    Scores of Kurdish fighters leave a base in northern Iraq in a bid to defend the battleground Syrian town of Kobane.
  1. Naval base splits island

    Villagers on a Korean island are waging a bitter fight to stop the construction of a naval base.
  2. Oriental fruit fly danger

    Research on the Oriental fruit fly has highlighted the risks it could pose to Australia.
  3. Device for Ebola detection

    NZ scientists develop a portable DNA testing device which they say could help contain the Ebola virus.
  1. Carbon cost savings

    The competition regulator says businesses are acting quickly to roll back prices after the carbon tax repeal.
  2. 'Join Team Australia'

    Tony Abbott urges business leaders to help drive an urgent overhaul of Australia's "dog's breakfast" tax system.
  3. Wall St jumps

    Wall Street jumped on a pick-up in consumer confidence and positive company profit numbers.
  4. Fears bigger crisis looms

    As the US Fed prepares to end quantitative easing, debate rages over whether it's delayed a bigger crisis.
  1. Watson, Wade in squad for South Africa ODIs

    Shane Watson is set to return to international cricket after being named in Australia's one-day squad to face South Africa.
  2. Genia keen for fresh start under Cheika

    After missing out on selection this year, Will Genia hopes he can restart his Wallabies career against the Barbarians.
  1. WWI medicos remembered

    A new WWI museum in Brisbane pays tribute to doctors, nurses and orderlies who served on the battlefront.
  2. Recruitment guilt

    As numbers of WWI volunteers dwindled, recruitment posters preyed on emotion to encourage enlistment.
  1. Autism distribution

    Researchers have observed geographical clustering of autism spectrum disorders in some states in the US. 
  1. Class action could widen

    The live cattle export class action is tipped to attract even more plaintiffs.
  2. Farm chemicals and terrorism

    The Federal Government is worried about some farm chemicals falling into the hands of terrorists.
  3. Almond election pledge

    The Victorian Government has pledged a new almond research centre for Mildura if it wins the state election.

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