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Where Would We Be Without Kale?- Thrillist


Well, at least it's  the cronut '

October 15, 2014
The Weekly Yelp
NYC - Manhattan
Kale salad at Northern Spy Co.
Don't Kale My Vibe
Kale salad at Northern Spy Co.Amy S
Kale. The word alone probably evokes images of tight jeans, Warby Parker frames, fixed gear bicycles... but despite its correlation to our current state of food hipsterdom, kale has always been one of nature's finest super foods. Now more ubiquitous on on menus around Manhattan than ever, let's take a glimpse at some of the borough's finest stops for bitter greens.

3_half star rating 69 reviews
143 Division St, New York, NY
American (New)
Amira S.
“This place loves kale, which is cool because kale is awesome. But seriously, all of the salads are kale based. I had the kale, gooseberry and feta salad. It was bright, delicious and very refreshing.”
Amira S., Manhattan, NY

Northern Spy Food Co.
4 star rating 653 reviews
East Village
511 E 12th St, New York, NY
American (Traditional)
Olivia S.
“Oh, hail to the kale salad! Leafy kale strips tossed in with toasted almonds and slivers of butternut squash and topped with bits of pecorino and cheddar cheese was the perfect mix of sweet, savory, soft and crunchy.”
Olivia S., New York, NY

4 star rating 236 reviews
324 Lafayette St, New York, NY
Mediterranean, Spanish, Bars
Nameeta K.
“Kale and wild mushroom paella - perfectly executed with a beautiful socarrat that is dug up from the bottom of the pan and mixed in for you by the server. The crispy artichokes and over easy egg on top were great additions that accentuated the dish.”
Nameeta K., New York, NY

Tiny’s & the Bar Upstairs
4 star rating 192 reviews
135 W Broadway, New York, NY
Bars, American (New)
Patrice N.
“The pièce de résistance - the kale salad. Seriously amazing. Not sure what it is about it but I love it. Large but light - the dressing is perfectly done.”
Patrice N., New York, NY

4 star rating 352 reviews
East Village
406 E 9th St, New York, NY
Jae C.
“The crack kale is deep fried kale and it has an impossibly crisp texture with a nice oily/salty flavor. Definitely worth getting.”
Jae C., Manhattan, NY

4 star rating 504 reviews
246 W 18th St, New York, NY
American (New)
Stephanie C.
“I had the heathy and plentiful poached eggs over kale salad. You get a good pile of kale with shaved Parmesan, avocado and nice, crispy, thick bacon - delish.”
Stephanie C., New York, NY

Blossom Du Jour
4 star rating 101 reviews
Hell's Kitchen
617 9th Ave, New York, NY
Heather J.
“I had a kale wrap and was impressed with the amount of it - generous, not just a few wilted leaves - and the combination of the dressing and sweet potatoes that went along with the greens.”
Heather J., Coram, NY

Bombay Sandwich Co.
4 star rating 109 reviews
48 W 27th St, New York, NY
Indian, Vegetarian, Sandwiches
Pippa L.
“The bowls are my go-to, filled with rice, hot sauce, cucumber salad, apple and garlic pickle, kale & walnut pesto and your choice of lentils or chickpeas these are easily my favorite, all the flavors of a slow cooked Indian meal.”
Pippa L., Manhattan, NY

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