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Chile- The Santiago Times

The Santiago Times

Craft ales hit the spot in Chile

Artisanal beers are turning the heads of curious Chileans away from commercial lagers, many developing taste for complex, unconventional flavors. A total of 55 microbreweries are represented at this year’s Oktoberfest, a huge hike in comparison to the event’s inaugural year in 2005, when only three artisan breweries were present. It’s therefore no surprise that many Chilean beer drinkers are ditching commercially brewed lagers in favor of flavorful, More...
by Linn Helene Loken | Published 2 days ago

‘Pentagate’ scandal continues to heat up

Investigation’s glare showcases political influence of nation’s top 10 business groups, business leaders lambast government action. A former Penta CEO, Hugo Bravo, is providing More...

UDI threatens investigation of Bachelet’s campaign contributors

‘Pentagate’ case continues: police raid suspect businesses, Chile’s political class grows fidgety and pundits have a field day. National Renewal Sen. Manuel José More...

‘Pentagate’ suspect returns to Chile to defuse investigation leaks

Saga continues as center-left politician makes first public appearance since scandal broke, vows to provide ‘all necessary information.’ Velasco has been mooted as a seious More...

‘Very high inequality’ in Chilean society breeds resentment

Chile’s elite regarded as ‘arrogant’ and ‘despotic’ by middle class, expert says securing ‘social rights’ is first step in bridging the gap between rich and poor. Las More...

Government pledges to pump US$165 million into Easter Island

Massive cash injection to boost development for Chile’s polynesian jewel with new airport in the pipeline, Bachelet ‘finally being appreciated.’ Regeneration of ageing More...

Civilian backers of Pinochet to be exposed

New book documents civilian accomplices to dictatorship — some in power today — who ‘stained their hands with blood.’ A More...

School condemned for selection bias

Student denied admittance to school allegedly due to mother’s marital status, anti-discrimination law invoked. A More...

Chilean bus system fifth most expensive in region

Despite high price, expert says Santiago’s bus system is ‘adequate.’ A recent study released by Universidad...

Anti-begging measure in Santiago thrown out

Move to ban begging in Plaza de Armas branded ‘something out of the Inquisition’ — mayor...

First innocent bombing victim in Chile since dictatorship confirmed

Authorities invoke anti-terrorist law after police investigation declares man killed in Yungay detonation innocent. Prosecutor Raúl...

Intellectuals discuss sustainable development in Chile and California

Academics and entrepreneurs from opposite ends of the hemisphere convene to discuss innovative ways of reducing More...

Chile launches plan to lure in Argentine tourists

Gov. launches initiative Saturday in an attempt to reverse falling levels of Argentine tourists visiting Chile. The Chilean government put pen..

Foreign Minister silences Chilean ambassadors

Chilean diplomats prohibited from expressing opinions on internal affairs following controversial statement by ambassador to Uruguay. According to a new order..

Landmark education passed in Chamber of Deputies

Vote to end profit-making in state-subsidized schools makes its way to Senate, measure imposing prison sentence More...

New law requires Chilean TV to feature more cultural programs

In a bid to strengthen Chileans’ sense of national identity, law mandates increased cultural material on national television. A law coming into..

News channel under fire for suggesting student involvement in blast

Report purporting student groups played a role in Monday’s bombing attacked for ‘sensational reporting,’ ‘opportunism.’ A Chilean news channel has been..

Chilean medical community opposes therapeutic marijuana

Scientists argue there is ‘insufficient evidence’ to support therapeutic use of marijuana, throw wrench in legalization debate. In a response to..

Craft ales hit the spot in Chile

Artisanal beers are turning the heads of curious Chileans away from commercial lagers, many developing taste for complex, unconventional flavors. A..

Political courage at La Moneda palace

Opinion: Bachelet must keep her election promise to bring about social equality and the return of long-seized ancestral lands to the..

Persecution, protest and piety: Palestinian refugees’ escape to Chile

The Santiago Times heard the story of two brothers’ move to Chile, believed to have the largest Palestinian diaspora outside the..

Postcards from Londres: A Chilean werewolf in London

  Cosplay — a type of role play in which participants wear costumes to represent specific characters — is a huge..

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