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  1. Construction boss George Alex went shooting with IS recruits

    Two of Australia's most infamous Islamic State recruits, Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, went on a shooting party with construction industry boss George Alex just weeks before they left the country to fight in Syria and Iraq.
  2. IS supporters 'shot man outside Greenacre Islamic centre'

    A man who was shot outside an Islamic Centre in the south-western Sydney suburb of Greenacre was the victim of an attack by local Islamic State supporters, according to a witness.
  3. Greenhouse gas at highest levels in 800,000 years, UN says

    The world's top scientists give their clearest warning yet of the severe and irreversible impacts of climate change. In a report, the United Nations climate change panel warns greenhouse gas levels are at their highest in 800,000 years.
  4. Live Thousands gather for Melbourne Cup Parade

    Tens of thousands of people line the streets in Melbourne's CBD for the annual Cup Parade. Follow all the excitement and colour in our live blog.
  5. Virtual race: What makes a Melbourne Cup winner?

    Scroll through our virtual race to see how the 2014 Melbourne Cup field stacks up compared to all previous Cup winners.
  6. 'Father-son DNA link' between 1999 killing and 2010 break-in

    New DNA technology links the cold-case murder of a 72-year-old woman in 1999 to a golf course burglary more than 10 years later, ACT police say.
  7. British banker charged over double murder in Hong Kong

    Police in Hong Kong charge a British banker with the murder of two women found dead in his apartment. One body was found inside a suitcase, police say.
  8. Plane 'taxied down main street to pub' in Pilbara

    Police speak to a man who witnesses said taxied his plane down the main street of a Pilbara town to get to the pub.
  9. Guitar death report: psychiatric patients not checked by staff

    A report into the death of a patient allegedly killed by another patient with a guitar at a NSW psychiatric ward reveals the pair were not checked for hours, with investigators told of an "entrenched culture" where staff sign observation sheets without seeing patients.
  10. 'Lucky' Wanderers return as ACL champs

    Western Sydney will bring home the Asian Champions League trophy today after a controversial win over Al-Hilal.
  11. Virgin 'wasn't up to speed' and warned about safety

    A space safety expert says she warned Virgin about safety concerns after the deaths of three engineers in a rocket engine explosion in 2007.
  12. IS militants kill hundreds in massacre in Iraq

    Islamic State militants have killed 322 members of an Iraqi tribe in western Anbar province, dumping the bodies of women and children into a well, the government says.
  13. Westpac profit rises 12 per cent to $7.6b

    Westpac has posted a 12 per cent rise in net profit to $7.6 billion, with a more modest increase in dividend.
  1. Death of 'big P politics'

    Since the Dismissal we have seen the victory of pettiness and soundbites over vision, writes Jonathan Green.
  2. Why 'It's Time' worked

    Two Labor strategists tell us why It's Time worked - and how it changed politics in Australia.
  3. Obituary: Gough Whitlam

    Gough Whitlam leaves a legacy of unprecedented and unmatched change in Australian politics.
  1. Japan women fight gender inequality

    Two court cases could radically change life for women in Japan, giving legal support for greater equality in the workplace.
  2. Ebola spreads faster

    Ebola is spreading up to nine times faster in Sierra Leone than it was two months ago, according to a report.
  3. Pakistan 'suicide blast' kills 45

    At least 45 people are killed after a suspected suicide bomb blast on the Pakistani-Indian border.
  1. Briton charged over HK murders

    Police in Hong Kong have charged a British banker with the murder of two women found dead in his apartment.
  2. Jailed for 'watching volleyball'

    A British-Iranian woman who was arrested in Iran for attending a volleyball match has been jailed for a year.
  3. Grisly Hong Kong murders

    Hong Kong police arrest a foreign man for murder after the bodies of two women were found in an apartment.
  1. Westpac boosts profit

    Westpac has posted a 12 per cent rise in net profit to $7.6 billion, with a more modest increase in dividend.
  2. South-east boom continues

    Australia's largest city has continued to drive a national rise in home prices, while some other cities record declines.
  3. Building approval slump

    Official figures show building approvals fell 11 per cent in September, with apartments driving the decline.
  4. Jobless peak near: ANZ

    ANZ says a consistent improvement in its monthly jobs ads survey suggests unemployment is near peaking.
  1. Melbourne Cup parade: live blog

    Follow all the excitement and colour in our live blog from the annual Melbourne Cup Parade through Melbourne's CBD.
  2. Melbourne Cup 2014: What makes a winner?

    Scroll through our virtual race to see how the 2014 Melbourne Cup field stacks up compared to all previous Cup winners.
  1. WWI medicos remembered

    A new WWI museum in Brisbane pays tribute to doctors, nurses and orderlies who served on the battlefront.
  2. Recruitment guilt

    As numbers of WWI volunteers dwindled, recruitment posters preyed on emotion to encourage enlistment.
  1. Green Army starts work

    The Federal Government's Green Army workers take to the tools today for the first time.
  2. Animal welfare system review

    A review of the Federal Government's ESCAS animal welfare system system is close to being finalised
  3. Tassie milk production surges

    Milk production in Tasmania saw phenomenal growth in the September quarter.

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