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The Cold War and the Cold Shoulder for Russia

By Ghia Nodia The spread of Western values and institu

It's Hip to Be a Hipster in Russia

By Michele A. Berdy You know them. They are the cool-looking

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Where to go and what to see if you like cinema and live in Moscow.


Where to go and what to see if you like ballet and live in Moscow.


Where to go and what to see if you like opera and live in Moscow.


Where to go and what to see if you like classical music and live in Moscow.


Where to go and what to see if you like theater and live in Moscow.


Where to go and what to see if you like gigs and live in Moscow.


Where to go and what to see if you like exhibits and live in Moscow.

Real Estate

Moscow's Legendary Hotel Moskva to Reopen

Hotel Moskva, finished at the height of Stalin's power and demolished a decade ago under Moscow's construction-hap

Russia's Economic Slump Forces Logistics Firms Into the Regions

As demand for new warehouse space collapses in Moscow amid Russia's close-to-zero economic growth, logistic firms are floc


Sanctions Cause Leadership Crisis as Foreign Directors Ditch Russian Firms

Western sanctions have forced some foreign directors to step down or curb their activities on the boards of publicly trade

Russia's Deepening Slump Causes First Drop in Real Wages Since 2009

In their first decline for five years, real wages in Russia fell 1.2 percent in August, hollowing out the spending power o

Russia and Abroad

Russia - Germany 2014

It’s a challenging time for German and Russian businesses, especially smaller and mid-sized companies. Some had recently localized production in Russia, making long-term commitments to the country. Large investment funds had been looking for prospects in the real estate market. Now some of these investors have put their plans on hold.

Russia - Austria 2014

The Austrian season of culture, which took place in Russia in 2013 and 2014, gave artists from both countries an unprecedented opportunity for creative exchange and joint projects. The cooperation of institutes and artists from all areas of culture expanded far beyond the framework of particular events.

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Pharmaceutical Business & Health Care 2014

A darling of foreign investors, the automobile industry is withering amid the general economic slowdown, but another star, pharmaceuticals, is on the horizon. The value of medicines produced last year increased 13 per cent, compared to the previous year, according to Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov.

Hotels May 2014

Russia’s hotel and hospitality business is booming – with uniquely designed hostelries, updated Soviet chic, more spaces to congregate and celebrate, and summer menus to welcome the warm weather.

Beyond Moscow

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