Sunday, October 26, 2014

Move to New Apartment Accomplished, Exhausted and Frustrated by Netzero et al.

Above: Garden inside gate to  this little complex of buildings which is my new home; and one of the small patio areas where people hang out and sometimes talk to each other.

Hi Everybody,

Well, first of all my old internet provider is hooked into some data base that shows when phones are being disconnected.
Before this, however, they already were down..

When I asked why the service never came back, they said it was because my phone was going to be disconnected (DSL) even though it was three more days until that happened. Then they said when I had a new phone installed, it would take 5-10 business days to provide service again.

Thank you ,Netzero.

My computer was hooked up today in the new place by Time Warner, as was my Cable TV.

Verizon pulled one nutty number after another until a Mrs. Brady regally announced to me that my phone service would be switched on Saturday ( yesterday). She said it might not be until 5 p.m.

It was switched on never. Have to call them tomorrow and find out what is going on ( they are unavailable on weekends).

Guys who did moving were very nice. 

When we got into my new apartment however, they complained about the smell and said it was noxious stuff from new paint, refinished floor and a bathtub that had just been relaminated (this was also supposed to have been done early last week/ You can see they let it go until Friday. ( A big wring mop bucket full of dirty water was parked in the middle of the room. There is no super here on weekends, of course).

The movers said the fumes were horrible ( I had a nose cold and couldn't tell how bad they were). They told me to keep all the windows open , even that night.

Of course, got cold at night and heat did not come on. ( I had learned from other tenants as I was moving in that happens a lot here. Also sometimes no hot water.)  And I mean, this place looks very nice on the outside. As an apartment it looks fine inside except for the smell.

I went and bought a space heater which turned out to be a dud.
 (P.C. Richard. I returned it today for a different one).

It is a little chilly today and gusty but all my windows are open because of what happened last night.

I had closed the windows and turned on the space heater and then realized it was not doing very much.

I turned it off and bundled up and went to bed under a lot of coverings.

I awoke in the middle of the night with a splitting headache and feeling very dizzy.  I got up and opened all the windows again ( this time I was aware how bad the fumes were).

By the way, there are two phone jacks in this place. One of them, way over on one side, is obviously dysfunctional. The other one is in the closet and looks OK but then you realized it isn't functioning right.

I am keeping to hot food and lots of tea and coffee. I mean, this is only Fall cold but it gets worse tonight and because of low blood pressure and a couple of other factors, I do not tolerate cold well ( no Polar Bear, I).

By the way, everything survived the move with only a very small amount of breakage.

Since I am right off Central Park on the Upper West Side where it turns into Harlem, I am thinking of renaming this blog ( when I can get back to it) The North Park Blogger.

This whole move thing was hell from the beginning and I think as I noted, a real Murphy's Law deal.

I will be much better off here in the long run, though.

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