Saturday, October 18, 2014

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The country was rocked this week by news that a high-ranking army officer had been held on suspicion of spying for Russia.
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The officer was held by officers from ABW at <a href= target=_new>at the Ministry of National Defence</a>
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The officer was held by officers from ABW at at the Ministry of National Defence
A group of taxi drivers in Warsaw have become something of a sensation after undergoing ...
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Pomorskie Pomorskie
Visitors at Gdansk zoo were this week forced to watch in horror as one of ...
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Lubuskie Lubuskie
Experts in the western town of Przyczyna Dolna are currently trying to get to the ...
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Germany striker Lukas Podolski told reporters ahead of this weekend’s big game that his dream ...
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Having got off to a good start last week as his new Lech side won ...
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Medical rip off
A nurse in Lodz has admitted to extorting more than PLN 10,000 from the National Health Service (NFZ) by forging ...
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Tongue in cheek with Donald Tusk
With Donald Tusk having only 80 days to learn English, Gazeta Wyborcza is offering readers the chance to take up ...
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Ed Wight
Steve Sibbald
A look behind the weeks' headlines from the Editor himself
Graham Crawford
Graham Crawford
Digging deeper into the news from around the regions
In Your Pocket
Something For the Weekend from In Your Pocket. A weekly tip on the best to do and see around the country
Michal Zachodny
Michal Zachodny
Get on the ball with Polish football
Polish Art Nouveau and Młoda Polska How Poland rediscovered itself through art
In the late 18th century Poland was suffering a little bit of a crisis: it didn’t exist. At least not on the map, anyway. The backwards-glancing oeuvre of the nation’s ... - Read on
A guide to Polish vodkas Take our short guide to the best in Polish vodkas
Proven masters of make-do with the potato as their primary resource, the Poles have been producing and drinking vodka since the early Middle Ages, distilling their skill into some of ... - Read on
Quotes of the Week
"I think everyone came to their senses after the last unfortunate incident. Sopot is for everyone, here everyone can have fun as long as they are reasonable, as long as they are not consuming alcohol outside and not making a lot of noise "
Sopot President Jacek Karnowski tries to prevent the town’s reputation taking a further hammering by closing late-night shops on Thursday
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English-speaking Catholics
Are you thinking of becoming a Catholic? We welcome inquiries! Contact us the St. Paul's English Speaking Catholic Parish of Warsaw, ul. Solidarnosci 80.
Get closer to a few Polish heroes - "this is a wonderful window into the life of the man"
Harry Taylor just read Russia hits back in statue row and said
"The Russian game plan rests on the mantra that if you tell a lie often enough people will start to ..."
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