Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Hey, big spenders! Facebook investors spooked by warning

News of continued user growth and profit gets overshadowed by concerns over future spending on acquisitions and hiring.

SF mayor signs landmark law making Airbnb legal

Tech-friendly Mayor Ed Lee approves bill that amends local zoning laws and legalizes short-term rentals. But, not everyone is happy.

Unmanned rocket bound for space station explodes

An Orbital Sciences rocket laden with supplies for the ISS suffers a fiery first-stage engine failure before falling and exploding at a NASA flight facility.
FTC sues AT&T for limiting speeds on unlimited-data users
​Google on Android Lollipop security: Set it and forget it
HTML5 is done, but 2 groups still wrestle over Web's future
Droid Turbo supercharges Verizon's franchise

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