Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Next City- Urban Visions

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We've assembled the best stories from our Forefront series into collections curated and packaged for your reading pleasure.
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    The Drawing Board

    How can we design cities to thrive in an era of climate change and economic instability? Read stories of urban adaptation and learn from the designers, thinkers, architects and planners on the frontlines of transformation.
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    Editor-in-chief’s Top 5

    As Next City chronicles the urbanism movement, there are a few trends that come up time and time again: gentrification, racism, government constraints, public-private partnerships, public space, and resilience. Each of these five articles addresses at least one of these macro themes in urban life, and does so with great narrative storytelling.
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    A More Equitable City

    In an era of drastic wealth inequality and rapid urban transformation, how can cities continue to be places of opportunity for all? This collection explores the people and ideas at the center of the movement for a more equitable urban future. Read about gentrification and race, the politics of immigration, public interest design, social entrepreneurship and more.
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    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Bikes!)

    The very best of our transportation stories. This collection explores new trends in urban mobility, including the rise of bike share systems and bus rapid transit, the rebirth of the streetcar, the movement for urban highway removal, the failure of U.S. road safety laws and the Uber juggernaut.

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