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More than half the adult population in the Netherlands can expect an additional tax demand of between €300 and €700 because the tax office has not processed changes agreed in 2013.
The Ukrainian embassy in The Hague issued a statement on Friday saying its official policy remains one of calling on its ‘friends and partners’ not to have legal relations and direct politicial negotiations with pro-Russian rebel groups.
Dutch gas extraction group NAM is offering 24 people financial compensation because they were forced to sell their homes for less than the real value due to earthquake damage.
Zwarte Piet to remain black in most towns and villages: survey
Only six out of 211 local councils asked about their Sinterklaas parade plans this year say they plan to make changes to the appearance of Zwarte Piet, Nos television reports on Friday.
Amsterdam police arrest gun trader in gangland killing probe
A man has been arrested in Amsterdam for trading in illegal guns, said to be connected to a string of gangland killings in the Dutch capital.
No wish to stop working? You don't have to retire, ministers agree
People who do not wish to retire when they hit the state pension age should be allowed to continue to work, ministers have agreed.
Twice widowed woman faces 20 years for poisoning husband
A 52-year-old woman on trial for killing her husband should be jailed for 20 years, the public prosecution says.
'Plastic surgeon' found not guilty of botching operations
A doctor who ran a private plastic surgery clinic has been found not guilty of mutilating dozens of women because of a lack of evidence.
Damning report slams housing corporation 'sun kings'
A damning official report into a string of scandals at Dutch housing corporations describes some bosses as ‘sun kings’ who refused to take any responsibility for their actions.
The Netherlands risks becoming a more polarised society
The well-educated and low-skilled in the Netherlands are living more and more in separate worlds, leading to ‘feelings of unease’, according to a new report published on Thursday by two government think tanks.
Poisonous puffer fish found dead on Dutch island beach
A dead puffer fish has been found washed up on the beach of the Wadden Sea island of Texel.
Dutch supermarket to sell bug burgers and crispy insect snacks
Supermarket group Jumbo is to start selling edible insect products in all its stores next year, the Dutch market number two said on Thursday.
Clients do more themselves and bank charges go up
The consumers' union Consumentenbond has asked ABN Amro and Rabobank to explain why they are putting up bank charges by 5% next year.
Fewer than 10 women a year die in childbirth in the Netherlands
Fewer than 10 women a year die in childbirth in the Netherlands compared with 241 in 1950, the national statistics office CBS said on Thursday.
Dutch trade mission to China pulls in €500m in orders
This week's four-day trade mission to China has resulted in orders for Dutch companies worth at least €500m, according to foreign trade ministry officials.
The Netherlands 'ignored' Ukraine rebels after MH17 crash - officials
Officials in Ukraine say the Netherlands could have had direct access to the crash site of Malaysian Airways MH17 if Dutch diplomats had talked to rebel leaders, current affairs show Nieuwsuur reported on Wednesday evening.
Soldiers furious at army chief appointment to oversee paint inquiry
The defence ministry has appointed a senior official to head the task force investigating the use of cancer-causing paint at a Twente airbase who for years was in charge of the unit and ignored complaints, current affairs show EenVandaag reported.
Dutch online borrowing service Peerby raises €1.7m from abroad
Dutch internet company Peerby, which helps users borrow items from their neighbours, has raised €1.7m from a number of foreign investors.
Abandoned baby was in plastic bag, has large birthmark
The baby girl found abandoned in an underground rubbish container in the Amsterdam district of Nieuw West in the early hours of Sunday morning had been placed in a plastic bag, police say.
Speed limit on A13 motorway near Rotterdam to remain 80 kph
The speed limit on the A13 motorway between Rotterdam and Overschie is to remain 80 kph, the Council of State ruled on Wednesday.
Minor government errors have a major impact on the man in the street
Minor mistakes by government officials can end up having a major impact on ordinary people's lives, the national audit office says in a new report on Wednesday.
Deportations of healthy people to ebola countries will go on: minister
The Netherlands will continue to deport failed asylum seekers to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea despite the ebola outbreak, junior justice minister Fred Teeven told parliament on Wednesday.
The Netherlands wrestles with Syrian 'war criminal' refugees
At least five asylum seekers from Syria have been refused refugee status in the Netherlands because they are war crimes suspects, Trouw reports on Wednesday.
Defence ministry to privatise catering, despite cabinet pledge on jobs
The cabinet’s pledge to re-employ cleaning and catering staff as civil servants is floundering because it is too expensive, the Volkskrant reports on Wednesday.
Dutch king and queen arrive in Japan for official visit
The Dutch king and queen have arrived in Japan on an official visit and were welcomed in a special ceremony at the imperial palace in Tokyo by emperor Akihito and his wife Michiko.
Coalition parties devise plan for affordable homes and luxury studios
The two coalition parties have developed a plan to stimulate housing corporations and developers to build more rental properties in order to slash waiting lists and meet the needs of the growing urban populations.

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Dutch flag carrier KLM is celebrating its 95th anniversary this month - with the help of Armin van Buuren. (Sponsored feature)

Dealing with debt, Part 1
photo Annemarie van Gaal
How do you help families who are in debt? Not by offering them debt relief, says Annemarie van Gaal.

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