Sunday, November 2, 2014

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The arguments over Radoslaw Sikorski’s future continued this week with the former Foreign Minister receiving mounting criticism in Poland while foreign journalists appeared on Polish television to defend him.
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Ben Judah appearing on ‘<a href= target=_new>Czarno na Bialym</a>’ described criticism of Mr Sikorski as a 'neurotic reaction'
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Ben Judah appearing on ‘Czarno na Bialym’ described criticism of Mr Sikorski as a 'neurotic reaction'
Mazowsze Mazowsze
Law and Justice (PiS) candidate for President of Warsaw, Jacek Sasin, doesn’t pay his taxes ...
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Pomorskie Pomorskie
Gdansk Regional Prosecutors look set to drop the charges against Michal L., who drove at ...
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Dolnoslaskie Dolnoslaskie
The National Road Authority (GDDKiA) became an object of ridicule this week when images were ...
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As it turns out, returning to the reality of Polish league football remains especially problematic ...
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It was a rampant victory for Wisla, and exactly the reaction Franciszek Smuda was looking ...
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Alcohol overload
A new report claims Poland has over four times the recommended number of Off Licenses when it comes to the ...
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Spy suspect to be expelled
A Russian journalist faces being expelled from Poland after recent reports link him with spying and espionage.
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Ed Wight
Steve Sibbald
A look behind the weeks' headlines from the Editor himself
Graham Crawford
Graham Crawford
Digging deeper into the news from around the regions
In Your Pocket
Something For the Weekend from In Your Pocket. A weekly tip on the best to do and see around the country
Michal Zachodny
Michal Zachodny
Get on the ball with Polish football
RIP Warsaw's Russian Market A Warsaw legend that is no more
As 2012 and the European Football Championships approach, Poland's new multi-million euro national stadium complex can be seen growing by the day over on the Praga, east bank, of the ... - Read on
When history was revised The Recovered Territories Exhibition
In 1948, Wrocław’s Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia) played host to the largest, most organised propaganda event in Poland’s history: The Recovered Territories Exhibition. An official term coined by Poland’s post-war ... - Read on
Quotes of the Week
"Poland needs to stop attacking the messenger. This neurotic reaction is itself a form of denial’ "
Ben Judah tells TVN Poland needs to concentrate on the real issues not spend its time discussing Mr Sikorski.
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English-speaking Catholics
Are you thinking of becoming a Catholic? We welcome inquiries! Contact us the St. Paul's English Speaking Catholic Parish of Warsaw, ul. Solidarnosci 80.
Get closer to a few Polish heroes - "this is a wonderful window into the life of the man"
Rick just read US asks for Polanski’s arrest and said
"I would say without the celebrity status factor and world attention- the chances of him being handed over to the ..."
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