Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chaz Bono: 60 lbs. lighter and still losing

Chaz Bono: 60 lbs. lighter and still losing, Chaz Bono has lost 60 lbs. He is looking much better than he did when he appeared on “Dancing With The Stars” two years ago. According to an April 23 report by the Daily Mail, the transgender, now son on Sonny and Cher, wanted to lose weight after being mocked for his weight on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Chaz Bono claims that “diets don't work.” He is exercising, taking both dance classes and martial arts training. He believes you must “change what you eat.”

“I'm not sure if diets work or not,” Pam Walker, from Oklahoma City, said. “I believe in eating healthy foods and some exercise. I did all the fad diets before and lost weight, but when I quit I always gained back more weight than I lost.”

His diet consists of meat, fruits and vegetables. Chaz Bono avoids grains and starches. When he started losing weight, Chaz Bono was using Freshology, a service that delivered his meals. He is now cooking for himself.

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