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Dwight Howard Five Children With Five Baby Mamas

Dwight Howard Five Children With Five Baby Mamas, Is Dwight Howard about to have a fifth baby? Media Takeout reported this week that Christine Vest, girlfriend of the Los Angeles Lakers center, looked quite pregnant during her boyfriend's playoff game versus the San Antonio Spurs.

The website claimed to have a photo of Vest that showed her with a bulge in her stomach.The MTO report claims that this would be Dwight Howard's fifth baby with five different women. HoopsVibe also has a similar story on its website...Reported

Rumors of Dwight Howard's numerous children have swirled on the Internet for years. Per Bossip, the Los Angeles Lakers center has only really acknowledged one of his children -- son Braylon -- whose mother is "Basketball Wives" star Royce Reed. As TMZ notes, Reed and Howard have fought over custody of Braylon. Most recently, the reality star asked a judge to force Howard to cover her legal expenses.

However, Black Sports Online reported last year that Dwight Howard actually had at least three kids with three different mothers, with other potential babies and mothers unconfirmed. The website speculated that Dwight Howard actually could have five babies with five different baby mammas, though this would obviously contradict the MTO report, which states that Howard's unborn child will be his fifth.

At least one of these baby mammas is allegedly named Hope Alexa. Per Juicy Magazine, Alexa tweeted a photo earlier this year that shows Howard kissing her toddler daughter. Reed later tweeted a photo that allegedly shows her and another women along with the babies they fathered with Dwight Howard.

"You can say what u want but there's no drama between us!" the tweet reportedly said. "#SiblingLove!  Love u girl @westcoastgirrl always!"

Meanwhile, Dwight Howard just recently denied reports that he has or is about to have five babies with five different baby mammas. As Larry Brown Sports notes, a fan posted a photo on Twitter earlier this month that showed her holding up a sign for her favorite player.

"Dwight, I'll be your 6th Baby Mama!" the sign reads.

The Los Angeles Laker, however, was not too amused by this sign. Dwight Howard replied in a tweet that he does not have five babies by five different women.

"cuz it's not Tru," he replied. "I do not have 5 baby mommas. And u makin yo self look bad. Not lady like."
At this point, nobody knows if Dwight Howard is about to have his fifth baby. Still, these rumors will continue to haunt his reputation, so he may be better off making a clear statement one way or the other. Speculation will still persist, but it might die down a little bit if he simply comes forward and admits the truth.

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