Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Microsoft Xbox: ‘A new generation revealed’ event May 21

Microsoft Xbox: ‘A new generation revealed’ event May 21, It was reported on April 24, 2013, that an online launch event for the next Microsoft Xbox would be held on May 21 according to the Washington Post. The following was tweeted from the Xbox account this morning, "Tune in for the live reveal, May 21 at 10 AM PDT on, @Xbox Live, and Spike TV.”

Very little is known about the new Xbox other than they are calling the event, “A new generation revealed” and the report inferred that Microsoft, "won’t be giving out all the details about the console but just wants to whet gamers’ appetites." More complete details are expected at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June.

E3 is looking to be very exciting as both Microsoft and Sony, with their PlayStation, are to make major announcements about new versions of their consoles. It is expected that the new consoles will follow game industry trends and include more social networking options and greater functionality as a home entertainment center.

"Sony shared its initial plans for the PlayStation 4 in February, promising a socially focused console that allows players to easily communicate with one another."

What do you think about the next Microsoft Xbox? Please add in your comments below.

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