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Eddie Murphy 8 Children 4 Different Women

Eddie Murphy 8 Children 4 Different Women, Eddie Murphy, a well known actor, and celebrity known in movies for his comedy and entertaining character. He is also know as a film producer, singer, and film director that has been recognized for his talents throughout the years.

Eddie Murphy, himself has had eight children, one of which he did not want to say was his. From these eight children, he had five with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy, and the other three with other women. Paternity testing is very affordable so reasons as to why Eddie Murphy originally didn’t want to take the test are not mentioned often...reported

n 2007, there was a case in which Melanie Brown, Scary Spice from the Spice Girls claimed that her daughter Iris was Eddie Murphy’s. Like many other cases brought upon celebrities, celebrities would never consent to a child being there’s without a paternity DNA test to confirm.

Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy did date but it was very brief so nothing was thought of it. In this case, they were both popular celebrities so it wasn’t some random individual trying to claim her baby’s dad was a highly successful celebrity to receive child support.

In June of 2007, Eddie Murphy submitted to a DNA test that confirmed that he was the father of Ms. Brown’s baby called Angel Iris who had been born in April. Murphy being a fine person, paid for the pregnancy expenses and child support to help Ms. Brown.

At first Eddie Murphy did doubt that it was his daughter and had refused for a while on not taking the Paternity test. Ironically, Iris was born on Murphy’s birthday which may have further intrigued him to have a DNA test in order to find out the truth. Yet, it was not until Ms. Brown filed suit against Murphy that he actually made the initiative.

In reality all that matters is that he actually made the move unlike many others have done. A paternity DNA test offers a 99.99% accuracy rate that helps pregnant women determine who the true father of their baby is. Just make sure that you use an accredited laboratory that has a long standing positive reputation.

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