Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rod Stewart Eight Children Five Different Women

Rod Stewart Eight Children Five Different Women, As a guy who’s had eight children with five different women, only three of whom he’s married, Rod Stewart knows a thing or two about broken romances.  In fact, he admits that he feels pretty awful about the way he treated his many exes over the years.

Speaking to U.K. paper The Telegraph, Stewart says, “The one thing I am desperately ashamed of is the way I would finish relationships.  I can have confrontation with a bloke but never with a woman: I just have to run away from it.  It’s sad, it’s shallow, and I’m embarrassed about it....REPORTED

But the 68-year-old music legend says for the most part, he’s stopped his womanizing.  He tells The Telegraph that he was faithful to his second wife, Rachel Hunter, for seven years, and he’s been with his current wife, Penny Lancaster, for 13.  “I think I was always looking for that perfect woman, who obviously doesn’t exist,” Rod admits.  “I wanted to be married.  I wanted more kids.  I’m a family man, at heart.”

Stewart’s family and his many relationships inspired his new album, Time, which is coming out next month.  As previously reported, there’s one song about his breakup with the mother of his first child, who was later put up for adoption.  The title track is about his split with Hunter, and another song, “It’s Over,” is about the aftermath of a bitter divorce.

“It’s the heartbreak for the kids that does me in,” the twice-divorced Rod admits.  “I wrote it for people that are going through that.”

Elsewhere on the album, there are songs about the joy of Stewart’s current marriage to Lancaster, as well as a tune addressed to a son — it doesn’t say which one — called “Live the Life.”  And Rod says another track, titled “Pure Love,” which is about all of his kids, is “something they can play when I’m under the grass.”

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