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John K. Murphy     

Ebola and the Firefighter

Now's the time to get educated to protect your community. John K. Murphy separates fact from fiction.
David Rhodes     

Ebola vs. Firefighting

David Rhodes comments on the new safety logic.
Mark Munroe     

Hang On to Your Ego

What happened to the time firefighters wanted to do the job and had pride in their work and departments? Mark Munroe has more.
Jason Hoevelmann     

For the Prospective Fire Officer: Prepare

Jason Hoevelmann stresses the need for preparation for those seeking promotion.
Becki White     

Make Time

Where do you find time to do all your work and still go above and beyond? Becki White says it's all in the little things.
Jeremy Rebok     

The Lonely FD

A lack of leadership can make a fire department a lonely place to be, but you can turn things around,  Jeremy Rebok.





Fire News on TV

Top firefighting news clips gathered from local news affiliates around the country.
WFMZ Allentown, PA
Oct. 15, 2014. 06:02 PM EST
Four homes damaged in Easton fire



Training Guides


This Training Guide should be mandatory reading for every firefighter. The information is of unparalleled importance. If a firefighter does not understand the limitations of his personal protective equipment, then he is at tremendous risk and places his entire company at tremendous risk. Understanding the limitations and capabilities of personal protective equipment should be the first field-oriented training a firefighter receives. J. Randall Lawson does an outstanding job describing the effect that heat has on gear and how the unprepared and uneducated firefighter can be burned.

The care and maintenance of gear is critical to its performance. Every firefighter should understand and be able to do a basic inspection of his gear and should be required to perform the inspection regularly. Gear should be routinely cleaned, inspected, and repaired when necessary. Mitch Lopez provides an excellent explanation of the NFPA 1851 standard and how to make that standard a reality for your organization.

The purchase of personal protective clothing is arguably one of the most critical functions an officer can be responsible for. Knowing how gear works, the different layers of gear, and the types of layers on the market requires diligent and comprehensive research. Many factors come into play in the selection of the appropriate gear, and Andrew Pompe provides the direction every officer needs who is delegated this incredibly important function.
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Roundtable: Officer Development

What preparation for promotion does your department formally provide once the testing is complete and the list is established? Share your experience and knowledge with other firefighters from around the nation and world.


FDIC International is April 20-25, 2015.
Submit to teach at FDIC International HERE.


Investigators Look for Cause of Fatal McKeesport Fire

Officials searched for the cause of a house fire in McKeesport, Pennsyvlania that took the lives of 4 young children and 2 adults.

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Corbett's Trivia: Fire Dynamics Simulation

What fire involving firefighter fatalities was the first to be computer modeled using the fire dynamics simulator of NIST?

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