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Measures to segregate burka wearers in Parliament reversed

A move to force Muslim women who cover their faces to sit in a separate enclosed public gallery at Parliament House has been reversed.
Earlier this month, Speaker Bronwyn Bishop and Senate President Stephen Parry (pictured) approved new rules applying to anyone wearing "facial coverings".
But the move caused outcry and an intervention from Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who is believed to have told Mrs Bishop that "common sense should prevail".
A Department of Parliamentary Services statement on security arrangements released this morning said it had replaced the earlier measures.
  1. Burka debate a threat to national unity: frontbencher

Editor's Picks

  1. Australia's banking myth

    There is a certain irony in Macquarie Bank warning against new financial regulations, writes Ian Verrender.
  2. Ancient fish invented sex

    Australian scientists find ancient fish pioneered sexual intercourse about 385 million years ago in Scotland.
  3. Serena slams sexist slur

    Serena Williams hits out at Russia's tennis chief after he describes her and sister Venus as 'the Williams brothers'.
  4. Vatican setback on gays

    A controversial Vatican document calling for the Church to accept gay church-goers is radically revised.
  5. Cricket bat willow destroyed

    Australia faces a shortage of cricket bats after floods ruin some of India's Kashmir willow stockpiles.
  6. 'Spruikers' targeting students

    Educators urge the Government to crack down on shonky operators in the private training college sector.
  1. Guilt trip

    As numbers of WWI volunteers dwindled, recruitment posters preyed on emotion to encourage enlistment.
  2. Adelaide's WWI POW camp

    The Torrens Island Concentration Camp opened 100 years ago imprisoning those seen as a threat.
  3. Second chance for Gallipoli

    Queenslanders have a second chance to be involved in next year's Anzac commemorations in Gallipoli.
  1. Medibank float details

    The Federal Government has put a $1.55-2 per share price range on its Medibank Private float.
  2. NSW economy on top

    New South Wales has taken Western Australia's position as the strongest economy in the country.
  3. NBN rollout expands

    NBN Co releases a list of an extra 140 suburbs where they plan to roll out fast broadband.
  4. Gas price hike

    Food manufacturers like vegetable and milk powder processors are bracing for a tripling of gas prices.
  5. Directors under scrutiny

    Shareholders are campaigning to ensure that the majority of directors in a boardroom are truly independent.
  1. Australia's banking myth

    Six years ago Macquarie begged for help, now it's rejecting regulations. Why? Ian Verrender writes.
  2. The Indonesian friendship

    Diplomatic success with Indonesia is about more than Abbott's chemistry with Jokowi, writes Ross Tapsell.
  3. Learning from the past

    Let's stop and take a breath before enacting the Foreign Fighters Bill, writes Katie Wood.
  4. The cost of symbolism

    If climate change action is merely symbolic, what of our part in the fight against IS? Adam Lockyer writes.
  5. Women's jobs

    Confused about what is and isn't a woman's job? Clementine Ford prepared this handy list.
  6. No window into the soul

    Can Barry Spurr's emails be an accurate reflection of his politics? Lauren Rosewarne writes.
  7. I'll eat a page of my Bible, if...

    If you can find a credible professor to say Jesus didn't exist, I'll eat a page of my Bible, writes John Dickson.
  8. The three demons in politics

    There are three things that need to change to protect democracy in Australia, writes Tim Dunlop.
  1. 'Man of the people'

    The new face of Indonesian democracy, Joko Widodo faces significant challenges as he takes over the presidency.
  2. HK stand-off 'could worsen'

    Pro-democracy activists continue to protest after more violent clashes erupt in Hong Kong.
  3. Australians missing in Nepal

    A Sydney father and daughter are missing in Nepal after snowstorms, while other Australians are rescued.
  4. 20 questioned over concert deaths

    South Korean police say no safety personnel were deployed at a concert where a ventilation grate collapsed, killing 16 people.
  5. Nepal blizzard toll rises

    The death toll in a blizzard that engulfed trekkers on a hiking route in Nepal has risen to 39, with 370 rescued.
  1. Admire Rakti asked to carry 58.5kgs in Melbourne Cup

    Melbourne Cup favourite Admire Rakti has been penalised 0.5 kilograms for his win in the Caulfield Cup.
  2. Hayne heads for the US on a wing and a prayer

    Jarryd Hayne has left Australia bound for the US and the next step in his quest for an NFL career.
  1. Rossi wins GP

    Valentino Rossi has taken advantage of a fall by champion Marc Marquez to win the Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island.
  2. On standby

    Australia will keep back-up all-rounder James Faulkner in its squad for Wednesday's first Test against Pakistan.
  3. Dramatic finish

    Liverpool came out on top in an injury-time frenzy to edge QPR 3-2 in a Premier League match featuring two own goals.
  4. No respect lost

    Michael Hooper insists Ewen McKenzie did not lose the playing group's respect ahead of the Wallabies coach's resignation.
  1. Ebola threat to Australia

    Airport screenings and alert systems are in place as authorities plan for the challenge of Ebola entering Australia.
  2. Legal observers for G20

    Independent legal observers will walk Brisbane's streets during the G20 summit next month.
  3. Sydney factory fire contained

    More than 100 firefighters battle chemical explosions and water issues at a fire in Revesby.
  1. Teen surfer hurt after 'dropping in' on shark

    A 13-year-old girl who was bitten on the calf and foot by a shark on the central coast of New South Wales "dropped in" on the animal while surfing.
  2. Book details rich collection of Anzac treasures

    A new book details the rich and surprising collection of Anzac treasures from Gallipoli. They form part of the collection at the Australian War Memorial.
  1. Farmer suicide rates

    Bob Katter says a farmer is committing suicide every four days in Australia.
  2. Journalists facing jail

    New counter-terrorism laws mean journalists can be jailed for up to 10 years for exposing errors by security agencies.
  3. Banning 'hate preachers'

    What are the rules around banning people from entering Australia and are they sufficient?
  4. Is obesity a disease?

    Fact Check investigates whether obesity is a disease amid a growing push for better treatment options.
  1. Future of farming laid out

    Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has released a new paper exploring the future of agriculture in Australia.
  2. Gas price hike

    Food manufacturers like vegetable and milk powder processors are bracing for a tripling of gas prices.
  3. New CSIRO head

    The new CSIRO head is keen to see research on water divining technology.

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    How closely have you been paying attention to the Prime Minister's words? Take our quiz to find out.
  2. Road to radicalisation

    How did a former Gold Coast private schoolgirl come to die in a hail of bullets in Syria?
  3. Untangling the web

    From bottles of Grange to brown bags of cash, see how the New South Wales ICAC scandal unfolded.

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