Sunday, October 19, 2014

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$1 Million Whistleblower Verdict Against LAFD Upheld

Posted on Fire Law Blog   6 hours ago
The California Court of Appeals has upheld a $1 million jury verdict against the City of Los Angeles in a suit brought by two city fire officers. Battalion Chief John Miller and Captain Michael Rueda sued in 2009 after they were removed from the department's Arson Counter-Terrorism Section...
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They Laughed, They Cried…

Posted on Ambulance Driver Files   7 hours ago
… they held their lighters aloft and swayed rhythmically. Women threw their panties on the stage, men bought me drinks. You know, the usual. The folks at the Western Massachusetts EMS Association were gracious enough to have me deliver the ...
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That “Evil” Social Media strikes the Fire Service again!

Photo by Jenni McClelland
Posted on Iron Firemen   1 day ago
Seemingly simple and harmless things could be banned / prohibited in such a policy. Listing yourself as a member (or employee) of a Department, Company photos, personal photos in Department shirts / hat, apparatus / equipment photos, etc, etc, etc. Also, keep in mind that Social Media is more than Helmet Cams, and Face Book. You have to consider web sites, blogs, Twitter, Instagram etc.
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Promotional Opportunities

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Posted on Fire Geezer   2 days ago
Mount Holly officials say the town’s fire chief of 10 years was terminated after various complaints, including a threat last year to “clear” a local middle school because he wasn’t allowed to see his son.
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Is the Diagnosis Really PTSD?

Posted on Fire & EMS Leader Pro   2 days ago
I've been involved with firefighters and the stress reactions they experience for over 25 years, so the recent trend to using the PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) term for all manner of stress reactions causes me concern. There is no doubt that firefighters and other first responders do sometimes experience PTSD. It has been my privilege to listen to several first responders who could be accurately diagnosed with PTSD.However, recent articles and “studies” purporting to be seeing PTSD in groups of firefighters are alarming in the use of rates for this diagnosis. A quick sample of these efforts indicates ranges form 17-24% of a cohort of firefighters who could be said to have PTSD.
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Looking Back

Posted on Fire Geezer   2 days ago
These are the reasons the Houston Fire Department purchased 22 Modulances for their newly created emergency ambulance service.
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Massachusetts Suit Removed to Federal Court

Posted on Fire Law Blog   3 days ago
A lawsuit filed last month in state court by four Massachusetts firefighters has been removed to federal court by attorneys retained for the defense by the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Agency. The suit was filed on September 2, 2014 by four former members of the Groton Fire Department.
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