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Poems by Miguel Asturias-

Here  are some of Asturias Poems
Please Note the Translator could not
Translate all the words of the poems
Miguel Angel Astruias
(Paris, from 1929 to 1932)
In wind knees, galgo and treads
Fui behind you, woman in my presence
Transported by agile star light
Of sense in sense until the absence.
You crossed, love the egoismos
That in silica of tears sleeplessness
Juxtaposing abysses on abysses
In my insoluble ice solitude.
The great spider of rain tiles
With water and wind movable spiderwebs
That morning will be when it clears?
Glass surface without break,
As they are my immovable eyes when
Have cried all its weeping already.
The Indians Come Down From Mixco
Miguel Angel Asturias
The Indians come down from Mixco
Laden with deep blue
And the city with its frightened
Streets receives them
With a handful of lights
That, like stars, are extinguished
When daybreak comes.
A sound of heartbeats
Is in their hands that stroke
The wind like two oars;
And from their feet fall
Prints like little soles
In the dust of the road.
The stars that peep out
At Mixco stay in Mixco
Because the Indians catch them
For baskets that they fill
With chickens and the big white flowers
Of the golden Spanish bayonet.
The life of the Indians
Is quieter than ours,
And when they come down from Mixco
They make no sound but the panting
That sometimes hisses on their lips
Like a silken serpent.
D. D. W.

The Love
Miguel Angel Austrias
(Paris, 1925)
Ah, smooth eagerness, exact and useless pain,
Climate of a lukewarm skin like a trino,
Privily mystery the chain
Forging it is just by being divine!
Astral tonicidad of its recreations,
Precious solitude of its combats,
In alarm lantern its desires
Burning it is from fields to penates.
Eternity of rose petal,
Silence blue of poplar that aroma,
To manjar of shade with wife heat,
Prohibited fruit which in they pollen is mistaken,
Weaving it is with dove wings,
The dress of fiancée of the Earth.
Picture of Grandparents
Miguel Angel Asturias
(Guatemala-Paris 1918-1928)
Memory that in the pink days of my childhood,
The grandmother (of whom is the grandparents, of the children),
She was accustomed to by the nights, when the lukewarm instance
It seemed a candy box of the moon,
To count old histories. Today no longer I know no.
Slowly opening the coffers of my grandfathers,
It gave me to that it kissed the leaf of its sword.
It kept is many years relojon of silver,
A white flag and blue sky color,
The star of a spur and a bow of necktie.
I conserve those memories that it bequeathed to me of a man
And I have in the relics of my ancestors
The history of my house, the glory of my name,
And I keep in those coffers that always are open
The picture of weddings of my dead grandparents.


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