Thursday, April 25, 2013

Abusive swaddling arrest: Blankets over faces of ‘7 to 11 months old’ at daycare

Abusive swaddling arrest: Blankets over faces of ‘7 to 11 months old’ at daycare, The abusive swaddling of seven babies, three boys and four girls “7 to 11 months old,” consisted of placing blankets over the babies’ faces and wrapping them so tightly that the babies could barely breathe or move. The abusive swaddling has resulted in the arrest of 35-year-old Nazila Sharaf of Dublin and her 33-year-old sister Lida Sharaf of Mountain House and according to a San Francisco Chronicle report on April 25, 2013, the two sisters are both being charged by Alameda County prosecutors with “three counts of felony child neglect and abuse and four counts of misdemeanor child neglect and abuse.”

The two sisters, Nazila Sharaf and Lida Sharaf, worked at a Livermore daycare center and were arrested on Wednesday.

According to the police, the two sisters abused the seven babies “by swaddling them so tightly they could barely breathe.”

The older sister, Nazila Sharaf, was the licensee of the daycare center and her younger sister was the director of Universal Preschool LCC on Florence Road in Livermore, Calif. Following the arrest, the daycare center has been closed by the Department of Social Services.

The investigation into the abusive swaddling began after a 19-year-old female employee at the daycare center was so disgusted at the abusive swaddling that she reported it to authorities.

According to the Livermore police spokesperson, Officer Steve Goard, the two sisters “had wrapped three boys and four girls in blankets to restrict their movements during naptimes. … The Livermore babies were 7 to 11 months old. Some were wrapped so tightly they were unable to breathe comfortably and move their extremities. … In some cases, the sisters placed blankets over the children's faces, which could have blocked their airways.”

Officer Steve Goard also commented in the video report that the babies' feet were tied together and that the two sisters were aware that three of the children dealt with upper-respiratory problems. Despite the increased danger of suffocation, however, the two sisters still placed their own interests over the interests and well-being of the babies.

For the abusive swaddling, 35-year-old Nazila Sharaf and her sister Lida Sharaf are being held on $700,000 bail at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

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