Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jodi Arias trial: 'Psycho' comparison and blackmail discussed on 'Dr. Drew'

Jodi Arias trial: 'Psycho' comparison and blackmail discussed on 'Dr. Drew', On the April 25 episode of "Dr. Drew on Call," the discussion of Travis Alexander's brutal murder and the trial of Jodi Arias continued. There were some comparisons made of the graphic shower photographs and still images of the movie "Psycho" and they were disturbingly similar. Blackmail was also discussed on the show, which is a possibility.

One statement that stood out was the question of if Jodi planned to kill Travis in the manner that was shown on the movie "Psycho." It certainly seems possible since she planned everything else right down to the tiniest detail and how shockingly similar the photographs were. Changing her appearance, renting a car and flipping her license plate upside down to avoid detection tells the story of someone who planned things extensively.

The telephone conversations that Jodi Arias recorded was also brought up on "Dr. Drew on Call." The only possible explanation for her recording the sexual conversations between her and Travis Alexander would be blackmail. The fact that when he talked to her about sounding like a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm would be something that she could use against him later on. She also asked him to repeat it so the statement would be very clear.

She went to great lengths to force him to stay with her including claiming to be pregnant, telling him she was going to kill herself and then recording that conversation. The amount of manipulation she used is sickening. She was thinking ahead, even back then.

The trial is close to ending and the jury will have to make a decision. The defense team is trying to make Travis Alexander look as bad as possible. The only thing that should matter... and the only questions that should be asked in court are the events of the murder. Her childhood, previous relationships and sexual activities play no part in what Jodi Arias' punishment should be.

Hopefully the jury will make the right decision and give her the punishment she deserves.

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