Thursday, April 25, 2013

Did Sunil Tripathi commit suicide

Did Sunil Tripathi commit suicide, The body of Sunil Tripathi was pulled from Providence River on Tuesday, and the positive identification of his body was released on Thursday, April 25, 2013 -- but how did he die? An official cause of death hasn't been released in this tragic case, but authorities did confirm that foul play isn't being suspected. So if Sunil wasn't murdered, what happened?

The young man had been missing for over a month and even became the high profile focus of a manhunt associated with the Boston Marathon bombings, but it appears that he has been dead all along. Was it suicide? Previous reports covering this disappearance indicate that Sunil Tripathi had been struggling with feelings of depression not long before disappearing. He also left behind all of his belongings -- including cellphone and wallet -- when he vanished. Did he jump into the Providence River to purposely end his life?

Hopefully officials release a cause of death and investigate this disappearance and death thoroughly. With so much negativity swirling around his disappearance in the last couple of weeks it's only realistic to be concerned. Most importantly, it's time for his loved ones to mourn in peace without being under scrutiny of the public or being bothered by the media. They've gone through a lot, and to find his body just days after being accused of being a terrorist has just got to add more hear ache to the situation.

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