Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woman swallows $5,000 diamond at charity event

Woman swallows $5,000 diamond at charity event, An 80-year-old woman swallowed a $5,000 diamond that was meant to be on a ring or necklace. The elderly woman swallowed the pricey diamond at a charity event this past weekend. According to a WPTV news report dated April 24, the charity filled 400 flutes with champagne and a cubic zirconia was put in each glass but one of the diamonds turned out to be a $5,000 diamond donated by a local jeweler.

Andrew Meyer and Joy Pierson are the owners of Continental Wholesale Diamonds, and after they found out that the club was try to raise funds for the Champions for Children, Kids on the Block charity, they offered their support by donating their 1.03 carat diamond to the charity.

They also came up with the interesting idea of putting a zirconium diamond look-alike in all the glasses, but they didn't think someone would actually swallow one. However, one of the glasses contained the real diamond, and the fortunate holder of the flute could keep it.

One of the attendees, a woman named Miriam, was laughing with friends when she took a swallow. She told media sources:

“I only bought two glasses, and that was the one. The small sip I took, I swallowed it, and I thought, Oh well, they will find it at the end.”

"We were laughing and I wasn't paying attention and I took a swallow," said Miriam,

As the others finished their drinks, the organization realized that the real diamond was nowhere to be found when the charity event was over and that's when Miriam spoke up.

Event organizers were made aware of the situation and Miriam went to the hospital to see if the diamond would show up in an X-ray. An X-ray showed nothing, since diamonds can't be seen on X-rays, but doctors found the gem during Miriam's routine colonoscopy the next day. The diamond was retrieved and Miriam was allowed to keep it.

When asked about her plans for the diamond, she said:

“The more I think about it, I think I’m going to put it around my neck, because it’s such a conversation piece. Eventually, I am going to give it to my granddaughter.”

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