Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sharon Osbourne 'devastated' over Ozzy's relapse

Sharon Osbourne 'devastated' over Ozzy's relapse, admitted the had no idea that her rocker husband, Ozzy Osbourne, was abusing drugs again. She was shocked when she learned that he was taking prescription medications again. In an report by the Daily Mail, updated on April 24, Sharon Osbourne knew that Ozzy Osbourne had been drinking again, but didn't realize how much.

“I knew he was drinking occasionally,” Sharon Osbourn said. “But didn't realize to the extent.”

Sharon Osbourne also explained that she had no plans on divorcing Ozzy Osbourne. She said that Ozzy has a “disease that only hurts the person who has the disease, but it hurts the family.”

It appears that if Ozzy Osbourne doesn't quick drinking and abusing drugs, Sharon Osbourne will get him the medical help he needs. She said there are consequences to his actions. “Otherwise my husband will be taken to the hospital to get my foot removed from his a**,” Sharon Osbourne explained.

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