Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hillary Clinton's $200,000 speech makes debut in Dallas

Hillary Clinton's $200,000 speech makes debut in Dallas, Hillary Clinton's $200,000 speaking debut happened in Dallas, Texas Wednesday night. The former secretary of state has put life in Washington, D.C. behind her and she is now hitting the lecture circuit. Those who want her to make an appearance will need to fork over a hefty sum of money. The Inquisitr shared the details on April 24.

Clinton's price tag tops that of her husband, Bill Clinton, who reportedly earns $150,000 for an hour lecture. Former President George W. Bush is said to receive about $110,000 per speech. Hillary Clinton's $200,000 fee may sound high, but it seems so far it is getting her the gigs she seeks. Wednesday night's appearance was at the National Multi-Housing Council in Dallas, Texas. The event was closed to the press.

Many are hoping that Clinton pulls together a run for the 2016 presidential campaign. She has tried to say that she is not eyeing the opportunity, but it will be some time before supporters see for certain what her plans may be. She did not take much time off between her secretary of state duties and jumping into the lecture circuit. Will Hillary Clinton's $200,000 fee keep her from filling up her schedule? That much remains to be seen, but few worry she will be left with an empty calendar by any means.

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